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Why We Love Rolls Royce and Bentley in a Chauffeur Service in Melbourne (And You Should, Too!)

  • By iChauffeur Australia
  • 15 Apr, 2016

The luxury car may be an inanimate object, but it is always a subject of admiration like an elegant woman. The seductive spark of these cars often refers to womanly features. That is when a fancy car humorously got its label as a mistress or a rival. Owning one of these cars is a dream likely to come true unless you hire a car rental service with a specified driver on it. At least, you can feel the splendour of the leather seats even for a short time. When it comes to the chauffeured service providers, picking the finest car for their fleet is a deliberate process, especially with the series they want to put on the front line.

So why do the Rolls Royce and Bentley receive much love? Here are some reasons:

Rolls Royce and or a Bentley are extraordinary cars

Aside from the brand name, the aesthetic appeal adored by the public, other details lifts these luxury cars above others including the state-of-the-art designing process and concept, time spent to assemble the car pieces, and high-quality engineering for a smooth driving experience. The Bentley manufacturers even allow personal requests by clients especially if they want it in their favourite colours. Other car specs modification are granted and delivered to local dealerships anywhere in the world.

The wing ornament

The Bentley wings sit flat on the panel of the car while the wings of the Rolls Royce known as Spirit of Ecstasy pop upwards on the bonnet. Since 2004, the standard Rolls Royce model comes up with a unique mechanism against thieves. If someone tries to touch the emblem, the front hood quickly opens storing it down with no ways to unlock it unless you’re the owner. Given these characteristics, the chauffeur car company receives numbers of inquiries to each car.
Some team notices that the clients are hesitant to ask about the details of their chauffeur car services at first. However, their curiosity clearly states that those are their dream cars, or to even sit in one of those is a leisure privilege. It's almost impossible to own one of these costly limousines, even if you want to try stretching your whole lifetime. With this, the corporate world is turning their faces and gets up close to the service providers of hire saloon cars.

The Red Label Fleet

Ever wonder why these cars end up in that label? Red colour represents prestige, action, passion, desire, nobility and confidence - a flowing evidence of wealth way beyond the generic and public favourite Gold Series. This new labelling concept is fresh and naturally catches more attention. The chauffeurs who drive any vehicle under the Red Label Series observed that the clients are mostly amazed during each ride.
Passengers who choose cars belonged to Red Label occasionally return to use the same service, twice, due to the thrilling experience. The expenses of hiring a service like this for the next time around is also overwhelming. It takes two or three minutes of silence once the first timer gets inside the car. They are in awe while looking at the interiors and artworks in the cabin, then slowly submerge into their activities like checking out appointments.

Once the car drop-off the client at the desired location, they turn around and gaze at the fancy car slowly moving away. Their eyes clearly reflect how much these cars get admired. So, you want to experience the art of a generous driving assistance, read more about the cars included in the Red Label fleet .

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By iChauffeur Australia 15 Dec, 2016

A feeling to last for a life time. An experience like no other. Presenting the Bentley Flying Spur. 

Carrying a luxury within and on the outside, Bentley Car hire Melbourne gives you the opportunity to experience this eye catching moment to look back on for a lifetime. 

Seating up to 4 passengers + the driver, this vehicle is the most luxuriantly powerful sedan in the world. Take a closer look and you’ll appreciate the work of art this vehicle has to offer. On an average day, Bentley Melbourne proves no matter which way you look at these cars, they certainly give a commanding presence. 

iChauffeur Australia gives you the quality at affordable prices, so next time you want to be the center of attention, why don’t you give us a call? 

Rolls Royce Melbourne also gives you the privilege to go out and about in pure class. From our end we deliver to full customer satisfaction and never let our clients down that’s why before every pick up we are there before the designated time to give assurance and comfort to our clients. Getting driven in one of the top end vehicles of the world the Rolls Royce Ghost really is a head turner and is a experience out of the ordinary. Having a brand new model in black really gives our clients the goosebumps once travelling in this superior vehicle. 

All with a click of a button for an email or a phone call to book, iChauffeur Australia offers you first class at convenient prices.

By iChauffeur Australia 15 Nov, 2016

One of the most populated city in the state of Victoria, Australia is its capital, Melbourne. The city renowned for high education rates, innovative health care facilities, the entertainment industry, research institutes and most importantly, sports and tourism. The very progressive economy attracts most people to travel to and decide to live in Melbourne, making it one-of-the-most livable cities all over the world.

Aside from its wealth and culture, the breathtaking landscapes excite countless of tourists and corporate persons to enjoy what's in Melbourne first before flying back to their country. What is the best way to explore the city other than to hire chauffeured cars in Melbourne ? Vacationist and businesspersons who seek comfort can avoid any hassle when they prepare the booking for chauffeured driven cars Melbourne before their flights.

Furthermore, checking the best Melbourne chauffeur services on the internet before dropping the final reservation prevent issues that ruin not only the itinerary but the whole trip as well. Several companies provide efficient and superb services for chauffeured-driven car hire to choose from in Melbourne. For an enjoyable trip and unforgettable experience in the city, be meticulous to select the most efficient chauffeur cars as well as the most dependable chauffeur service in Melbourne.

 For those still not convinced that they should book for chauffeur services Melbourne , here are some benefits that a chauffeured car hire Melbourne Company can assure you:


1. Hiring a luxury chauffeur Melbourne Company will guarantee utmost travel convenience with a touch of glam and sophistication. You'll arrive at your destination at the precise time in an elegant car.


2. Contrary to what most people believe, hiring chauffeured cars in Melbourne is not only for the high class and celebrities because the service is affordable even for those belong to the lower classes.


3. Considered as one of the safest ways to travel through the city is another excellent reason to hire companies that provide chauffeurs services in Melbourne because they are extensively trained, licensed, and competent drivers.


4. Early reservations for a car hire service along with a driver in Melbourne saves you time and money. The chauffeurs can opt for the quickest and shortest route possible to ensure you reach the destination in case any traffic issues arise. Chauffeurs with deep comprehension about the Melbourne roadways can drive you safely, on-time for your meetings while reducing the chaotic itinerary as much as possible.

5. What other benefits of getting early appointments can you get from the chauffeured cars Melbourne Company ? Feel pampered as the chauffeurs can be of assistance from opening and closing doors up to giving you a hand as you get in and out of the car. The comfort of not having to load and unload your luggage is something that the Melbourne chauffeurs can expertly to do for you.

6. When you want to travel through the city at night and have some drink, it would be safer if you hire chauffeurs Melbourne because they would ensure that you are securely driven back to your hotel, if in case you have become quite intoxicated and exhausted.

By iChauffeur Australia 15 Jul, 2016

 Find yourself in the middle of deciding to go or not to go to the party? Because no one wants to replace you as a designated driver for the night. No matter how you put it, the only way to escape being the ‘it’, is by hiring a professional to do the driving for you. Read the following article to know the things you need so you can party less stress, less worry!

 The question above may have hit your thoughts at least once. Sometimes you need to turn down a drink offer and volunteering to drive your drunk friends is the great excuse. A humorous article from CollegeHumor shows the ' 7 stages of being a Designated Driver ' , which balance your perspective and accept the change if you're the 'it' for the night. But, now that you want to go on a night out with your friends, party non-stop, and didn’t want to be a designated driver - pointing fingers to anyone maybe fun or no fun at all. No one in your circles wants to volunteer as the next driver unless it's their turn. Don't need to ask why, when you already know the answer - it's just you want to have fun.

Objective: To party, all night - must safely return to each other's home without forcing anyone in your friendship circle as a driver. Listed below are some options to achieve your goal:

Option 1: Before you get drunk, why not ask your parent to drive you home? Good luck if they agree. Your parents may have appointments that time, so hustling them is not always a good idea.

Option 2: Since you're all grown-ups now, act like an adult and be cool. Skip the option 1 and hire anaccredited designated driver for your group of friends.

What you need: Research a directory of trusted chauffeur service providers, Email, Phone and pocket money.

  • Checkout the directory listings of reliable corporate hire cars in your city. Whether you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, or Darwin, there's a company that offer those services near you.
  • Online research is good but word of mouth heightens the reputation of any dependable company. So, why not ask your parents, your friends, and any other relatives if they know a thing or two in the chauffeur industry. List down the names as a potential service you want to use.
  • Select your preferred car rental company with drivers. Contact them through email or phone and they will introduce the world of the chauffeur to your doorstep.
  •  An email will take as short as 1 minute to fill out.
  •  A short inquiry via phone with their lovely and approachable staff will get you the chauffeur transfer you need.

Your night-out driving problems are solved. Your party vibe is good to go. Hiring a Taxi is a good option, too, especially when you need to consider your budget. However, the luxury and comfort are at its maximum when you ride a fancy car and will happen only a few chances in your lifetime. Most chauffeured fleet with luxury cars adds value to the entrance presence when they enter the scene.

A respected chauffeured car company do its best to supply what the customer demands. They even service weddings and funerals, easing the worry of finding a lift to and fro the desired location. They provide a lift from night occasions up to a more corporate feel like company events.

Travelling the interstate by plane or by car is tedious. Airport transfers are one of the most in-demand for local and international arrangements for business delegates. Opt for a chauffeur service as they will set a car ready while waiting for your arrival. They are alert to pick you up. They assist the passengers in the simplest way like carrying their baggage to the vehicle and is enough to leave a lasting impact.

One last tip, look for corporate chauffeur companies with lots of returning customers because they are well loved so much - their little efforts reached many clients to re-use their irresistible service.

By iChauffeur Australia 15 Jun, 2016

Victoria is one of the widely popular wine regions in Australia, with high Enotourism rate each year, especially, in the Mornington Peninsula and the Yarra Valley. All oenophiles rejoice as they can now enjoy fine wine more, chat more with the wine makers, and experience the culture without the hassle of arranging the whole itinerary for themselves. How is it possible? The Answer: Many wineries particularly in Yarra Valley, conducts Wine Trip from Melbourne and beyond. With the Yarra Valley Wine Tour , many corporate hire cars in Melbourne participates in the event to provide transportation. For those who are interested in visiting the local wineries, all they have to do is to book a chauffeur service. A corporate car from Melbourne gets ready to take them to the wine paradise.

By iChauffeur Australia 15 May, 2016

Raise your hands if you agree that Customer Service is an important part of the company. If your online presence is a window in the physical world, the Cust omer Service is the symbolical ear and mouth of your business. How so? Ears and mouth are crucial to every verbal communication especially between phone lines, as the former receives the message, while the latter transmits the message. The process of exchanging data between phones is a critical process.

Once you misheard the data, the result of unclear communication leads to customer un-satisfaction. Customer service treatment or the mouth also affects the company's reputation. The lasting impression you will leave on your callers can spread like fire through word-of-mouth. Today, let's visit the Melbourne limousine service's Customer Service department and read below the glimpse of their perspective about the importance of their job for the company they served: iChauffeur Australia .

1.  Can you describe your day to day experience?

We almost get a call, generally, from a female voice once or twice a week, in a soft tone voice saying, 'Hello, is that chauffeur-driven cars to Melbourne airport ...', and our reply is 'Yes, this is iChauffeur Australia, we take all chauffeur requests Australia wide'. Generally, this matured voice will yap for almost close to 10 minutes. By the end of the call - after the listening to query and once satisfied - we almost feel like we've become friends over the phone.

2.  That's a great one, can you share more remarkable experiences?

Yes, I remember we receive calls from the real young 'hurry, hurry' generation that has hectic schedules. Some of those who avail the last minute services will ask over the phone 'Is that Melbourne limo? And, we would answer 'Yes sir, it's the Melbourne Limousine Service ' . In the blink of an eye, in the fastest manner, they will throw all their details to us and book our services. A situation like this excites the whole Melbourne Limousine Service company. All this happens so fast we have come to understanding that the younger generation lives in an era where 'Time waits for no one' - literally. Sometimes, elderly gentlemen callers will first cough and then say 'Is that chauffeur driven Melbourne ? ', and we would reply 'Yes sir, it is'. As a provider of chauffeur-driven cars to Melbourne airport , we want to blend into every generation and to match their needs as well.

3.  So what can the readers learn from reading this interview?

The customer service division learns more from the customers that we share with the whole company. One thing we've learned from day one that 'you must listen carefully to person from all walks of life, especially those that come to interact with your company’. Keep reminding yourself not to be judgmental over a few minute conversation over the phone. These callers are all courteous and are calling you to address or help fix a problem. The problem sometimes ranges from anything bizarre to very generic. However, they feel safe with a registered and licensed car company.

In conclusion: The more you are familiar with your customers, the more you know your next move. For customised services perfectly suited for their needs. In return, the more satisfaction your customers get from the services, the longer they stay with you. Or, they bring in more friends. Connect to the chauffeur-driven company in Melbourne though their affable Customer Service today.

By iChauffeur Australia 15 Apr, 2016

The luxury car may be an inanimate object, but it is always a subject of admiration like an elegant woman. The seductive spark of these cars often refers to womanly features. That is when a fancy car humorously got its label as a mistress or a rival. Owning one of these cars is a dream likely to come true unless you hire a car rental service with a specified driver on it. At least, you can feel the splendour of the leather seats even for a short time. When it comes to the chauffeured service providers, picking the finest car for their fleet is a deliberate process, especially with the series they want to put on the front line.

So why do the Rolls Royce and Bentley receive much love? Here are some reasons:

By iChauffeur Australia 15 Mar, 2016
Over the years, traditions change on a constant basis depending upon the era and culture. It's no surprise that the old ways relating to Valentine's Day influence the couple engage in romantic rituals. During the Victorian Era, men and women sit in chairs adorned with flowers known as "Love Seat".

While these traditions no longer exist nowadays, some things still haven't changed. Women will always be women who prefer sweet and classy ways of treatments. So when it comes to celebrating the "Love Month", why not prepare something unusual and unforgettable for your date? Hire a luxurious chauffeured cars that will bring her to the most romantic place in Melbourne. That's how a real queen should be treated, right?

Unique transport services for important people on memorable days were an old tradition that does not die so easily. The horse-drawn vehicle was considered a classy choice way back then. Can it be compared to the premium leather interiors of Mercedes E Class or a Rolls Royce Phantom ?

Everyone knows Cinderella, a folktale princess with her fairy godmother and how she attends a grand ball riding on a pumpkin coach carriage. Why not treat your date like Cinderella and let iChauffeur Australia be your fairy godmother and service you with our fabulous and elegant chauffeurs. Rent our cars and go for romantic trips in Melbourne and beyond Regional Victoria. This time, you do not need to worry about the 12midnight rule. You have all the time in the world to enjoy the day with your loved ones.
By hiring chauffeur services in Melbourne this February is one of the most romantic way of expressing your love to your special someone. With punctuality and elegance, we pride ourselves in providing the highly trained fleet of chauffeured luxury town cars. iChauffeur Australia services are powered only by the most sophisticated and modern vehicles in the industry. You name it, from Bentley, Audi, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, BMW, to Lexus, Holden Statesman, we got them all.

Let us take care of your transport needs. iChauffeur Australia proudly offers fantastic chauffeur service to create that Cinderella Effect on your evening date and make it a one night to remember.

By iChauffeur Australia 15 Feb, 2016
Hiring a car to drive you to your wedding venue, from your wedding to your reception, or even to the airport for your honeymoon are all great ways to utilize a professional car service. If you thought that the best chauffeured cars service in Melbourne can offer are just for weddings, you would be wrong! Here are some other exciting events that would warrant hiring a car from iChauffeur Australia :

1. Birthday parties – You do not want to have to worry about who is going to be the designated driver when you are planning your birthday celebration. Plus, nothing will make you feel more special than rolling up to your favorite club or restaurant in a beautiful car with a professional driver at the wheel. Transportation is a hassle, even if you try to take public transportation to avoid driving and having to find somewhere to park. It’s not a hassle, however, when you hire a chauffeur to take you where you want to go.

2. Business meetings – If you are coming to Melbourne for business or are a part of a Melbourne business, there is no better way to impress a client than to arrive in a luxurious car. Especially if you are new to Melbourne and want to arrive on time to a location where you have never been before, hiring a driver and car from a professional company are the best ways to both get where you need to go and make a real impression on the people you are meeting.

3. Sporting events or concerts – There is always insane traffic surrounding a sporting event or concert. Trying to find somewhere to park and having to avoid drinking so that you can get home safely can take the fun out of one of these events. Hiring a chauffeur gets you to the event on time, and you do not have to worry about the logistics of driving yourself.

iChauffeur Australia provides the best chauffeurs Melbourne has to offer that can get you to your destination, no matter the occasion. Weddings are a great event and hiring a car is a standard of modern weddings, but there are many different events which would warrant effective, reliable transportation from a company with professionally trained drivers and a commitment to customer service.

By iChauffeur Australia 15 Jan, 2016

Today, Melbourne chauffeur services are not just for the rich and famous. No longer do only celebrities or billionaires show up to their most important events in the back seat of a slick, expensive car, with a dedicated driver at the wheel. There are millions of reasons you might want to hire chauffeur services, including the fact that showing up in a Melbourne chauffeured car means showing up in style. Here are just a few of the many reasons you might want to hire a car for events large and small:


1.     You do not want to worry about transportation. Whether you are getting married or meeting with business associates, you may not want to worry about having to drive yourself to the venue or meeting place, when you have so many other things to worry about. The best chauffeurs Melbourne has to offer will get you where you need to go; all you have to do is enjoy the ride.


2.     You need to arrive in style. Nothing makes you look important like showing up in a sleek, black car, with a driver who opens your door. If you need or want to make a great first impression, hiring a car is the perfect way to do just that. We equate power and prowess with chauffeured cars, so hiring one lends you those two qualities instantly.


3.     You are not sure where you need to go. Hiring high quality Melbourne chauffeur services means that you do not have to worry about navigating to your destination. If you are not sure exactly where in the city the venue is, hiring a car makes it much easier, and often much faster, to get where you need to go, as all of our chauffeurs know the city and are apt navigators.


4.     You want to stick with tradition. Melbourne wedding car hire means upholding the tradition of a bride arriving in style to her wedding. A trained chauffeur who can help you get there on time, will open your door, and help you get out of the car in your wedding dress and veil, is a great alternative to driving yourself to your wedding (or similar) venue.


Hiring a chauffeur in Melbourne means easing the worry of transportation in a big city. We take care of getting you there, so you don’t have to!

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